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Michael Lebson (RnL)
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Default Changes in Open Beta 1.6

Changelog - Open Beta 1.6

! Potentially fixed a case where weapons would go into an animation loop, causing the weapon to seemingly twitch.
! Greatly improved the multiple prediction issues. (Thanks go to Andrew Ritchie and the Alien Swarm SDK)
Possibly fixed a crash in the weapon holstering code.
! Possibly fixed a crash in the knockdown code.
! Fixed a bug where a player's helmet would go flying off multiple times.
! Fixed a bug where MGs could do prone rolling, and no other weapons could.
! Fixed a client-side crash in the scoreboard.
! Fixed being able to be knocked down when not on a team or when dead (via the command). [Fixes random GMan models falling from the sky]
! Fixed not being able to rearm explosives from the ammo crates.
! Fixed players having two ragdolls if they died while knocked down.
! Fixed explosives not playing all animations.
! Fixed the K98s being able to cycle the bolt while in SS mode. (It now kicks them back to IS).
! Fixed a case where a player would not move slower while crouched after being shot in the legs.
! Fixed Non-MGs not emitting "whiz" sound tracers.
! Fixed a bug where the throw animation would play when trying to drop ammo even if you didn't have any ammo for that gun.
! Fixed lines in ScoreBoard going all the way across and overlapping.
! Fixed the last client in a game not getting updated on the scoreboard.
! Fixed bug where an animation would be interrupted by the reload when you rearmed from an ammo box. Current weapons can now only be rearmed after they have finished their animations.
! Fixed players being able to see their arms when proning or unproning.
! Fixed a bug where the spectator GUI didn't show up when a player joined their first team.
! Fixed a bug where the spectator GUI sometimes didn't go away after a player had spawned.
! Fixed a bug where players could get stuck if they uncrouched while under something that was shorter than themselves.
! Fixed a rare case where you could get stuck while unproning.
! Fixed a bug where players could get stuck by climbing into things.
! Fixed a player not being able to prone roll when they had exactly 10 stamina (the amount required)
! Fixed not being able to crouch/uncrouch while on ladders.
! Fixed being able to deploy an MG on another player. (This fixes an exploit and was not supposed to be possible in the first place).
! Fixed a potential issue with the team kill count being reset.
! Fixed incorrect weapon angles in spectator mode and demos. (Freeaim is not present in demos when recording yourself)
! Fixed the top of the BAR mag having an improper texture.
! Fixed a couple potential cases where HL2 sounds would play when switching weapons.
! Fixed squad selection menu not updating when someone joins a slot while it's open.
! Fixed whiz tracers not working on MGs.
! Fixed tracers being created on every bullet reflection. (Lead to more tracers than should exist going in seemingly random directions)
! Fixed primed grenades dropping when switching to spectator.
! Fixed damage report displaying when switching to spectator.
! Fixed players losing morale around you when switching to spectator.
! Fixed team losing a ticket when player switched to spectator.
! Fixed creating a ragdoll when switching to spectator.
! Fixed two long standing issues with the K98k skin. (Bolt on the back is not a screw, and the sight adjust measurements were mirrored)
! Fixed the pin being in the wrong position after firing the K98k sometimes.
! Fixed BAR holster animation not playing sometimes.
! Fixed the bayonet attacks not following the weapon angles.
+ Added sv_squad_unlock_percent which controls the percent full the first squad must be before the second squad is unlocked. Setting this to 0 will disable this functionality. Defaults to 75%.
+ Added translation for the "Locked" label for the above functionality.
+ Added a capture time bonus to the team with less players (maximum of 3x).
+ Added a capture time deficit to the team with more players.
+ Added npc_crow and npc_pigeon entities as reactive npcs for mappers.
+ Added mp_alliedtickets and mp_axistickets cvars for server owners to control the amount of starting tickets each team has. NOTE THE FOLLOWING:
  • With the other ticket-related changes in this patch, PLEASE do not use these CVars until the other changes have been tested.
  • If either of these CVars is changed during a running round, the difference between old value and new value will be added to the current tickets (even if its negative).
  • If either of these CVars is changed from some value to -1, the remaining tickets will be reset to the map's default (completely reset, not just difference added).
  • If changing either of these CVars results in 0 or less tickets for a team, that team will lose and the round will end.
  • If either of these CVars is set to something less than 1, but greater than 0, 1 will be used instead.
+ Added "hold_timer_length" to the rnl_game_manager entity, allowing mappers to define how long all objectives must be held for the holding team to win the round.
Added the "holster" command to holster a player's current weapon.
Added the "holster" command to the key binds menu, bound by default to "o".
Added fist weapons for both teams. Stamina drains slightly slower and regains slightly faster when using the fists. The fists are NOT selectable and will only be deployed under the following circumstances:
  • When using the "Holster" command
  • When knocked down
  • When the player has dropped their primary and secondary weapons (either by choice or by getting shot in the arm)
+ Added the ability for K98ks and Garands to attach and detach the bayonet. (Defaults to off. Bind key to "+attach" or set the button in keyboard options)
+ Added new loading screens.
+ Added the ability for mappers to add "Fallback Spawns" to their spawn areas. These spawns will only be activated when their parent spawn area is blocked.
+ Added sv_deadlisten, defaulted to off, that determines whether dead players can listen to alive players' voice chat.
+ Added movement and shot sounds for "snow" into the sound scripts.
+ Added a new supply crate model and WIP texture for each team.
+ Added new "round win" graphic overlays.
+ Added the "teamplay_round_win" event which broadcasts which team won the round.
+ Added the FG42 weapon as the german counterpart to the BAR. (Texture is a placeholder)
+ Added Falaise as an official map.
+ Added Battle of Carentan as an official map.
+ Added roundsleft and fragsleft commands corresponding to mp_roundlimit and mp_fraglimit respectfully.
+ Added small smoke trails coming from gun muzzles after firing for a certain amount of time.
+ Added the map description panel displayed after the MOTD, but only if only there is one. (File is located in "media/html/MAPNAME.html")
+ Added icons for the MG42 and Browning 30Cal ammo boxes.
+ Added the ability to hold and drop an extra mag (or box) of ammo for a weapon you don't have using the "dropextraammo" command. (Set in the squad script using the "extraammo" value. See the weapon scripts to get the ammo names.)
+ Added Biohazard's Shader Editor. Add "-shaderedit" to the command line to use it. (http://developer.valvesoftware.com/...rceShaderEditor)
+ Added Linux server binaries.
- Removed "timer_length" from rnl_game_manager because it wasn't being used in the code.
- Removed default "spectate" command.

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Michael Lebson (RnL)
Development Team
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* Changed spectator GUI when on Spectator team to show time left on the map (from mp_timelimit).
* Changed "timeleft" console command to show time left on the map (from mp_timelimit).
* Changed the vision blur when shot to last slightly longer.
Changed spawn times to scale up (not down) for the team with more players.
* Changed r_drawdetailprops to be forced to 1.
* Changed r_screenfademinsize and r_screenfademaxsize to be forced to 0.
* Changed the helmet flying mechanic to have a 40% chance, down from 70%.
* Changed knockdown to use one combined sound instead of two overlapping sounds.
* Changed the commands "owie_owie_owie", "moralehit", and "knockdown" to require sv_cheats on to operate.
* Changed tickets to drain over time based on a ratio of how many objectives each team has compared to the amount of primary objectives in the map. NOTE THE FOLLOWING:
  • This functionality is optional, simply set mp_ticketdrain to 0 to disable it on a server.
  • The fact that this counts the amount of objectives owned compared to the amount of primary objectives means that secondary objectives are treated as bonuses.
  • If a team has more objectives than there are primary objectives in a map, they will GAIN tickets instead of losing them. (IE, 3 primary objectives, 2 secondary. Allies own 2 primary and 2 secondary, meaning they have a ratio of 4/3)
  • mp_ticketdraininterval changes how many seconds there are between each ticket drain. Default is 60.0 seconds.
  • mp_ticketdrainmax changes the maximum amount of tickets a team can lose per ticket drain. Default is 3 tickets.
* Changed weapon sway to decrease the sway when in free aim, and increase the sway while in SuperSights. Also, stamina now plays a different role in weapon sway than it did before.
* Changed cl_interp to default to 0.05, changing the default lerp to 50ms.
* Changed muzzle flashes to be dynamic lights that do not light models. (Otherwise they would be made fullbright)
* Changed IronSight and SuperSight bounds handling when prone.
* Changed the knockdown event to have a 50% chance, down from 70%.
* Changed the color of the main menu panels and made them not see-through to increase readability.
* Changed various other colors of GUI elements to make everything blend together better.
* Changed the MG42 world model to have the bipod legs up when not deployed, like the view model.
* Changed the text color on cap zones or objectives to be the team color of the owning team.
* Changed the loading panels to show for 15 seconds before they change. (Up from 10)
* Changed morale effects while in SuperSights to be blurrier to compensate for the lack of screen shaking.
* Changed the scale of the SuperSight sensitivity slider in the mouse options to be 1.0 to 5.0
* Changed the scale of the IronSight sensitivity slider in the mouse options to be 1.0 to 10.0
* Changed SMGs to have a slight stamina penalty when firing consistantly, rather than in short bursts.
* Changed the amount of time the sighting button must be held down to reduce "sighting instead of un-sighting" problems.
* Changed the supply crate to open when the player is 1/3 closer than previously.
* Changed blood particle to use a custom particle with more mist and less globs.
* Changed the morale penalties of various weapons. Most notably, increased the morale penalty of both frag grenades by 1/3.
* Changed the morale penalties from bullet fire to scale based on the victim's current posture. Standing victims are effected 25% more, and prone victims are effected 25% less.
* Changed the player speed when strafing to be 75% of normal speed, down from 85%.
* Changed the explosives to use grenade third person animations so they look less awkward.
* Changed spectator mode to show the spectated player's weapon, now that they move correctly.
* Changed the "Available" label in the squad selection menu to be translatable.
* Changed loading screen to not display the map loading image if there isn't one available.
* Changed the player models to use our own 3rd person prone transition animations rather than the DoD:S ones.
* Changed the orientation of the BAR world model to make the 3rd person animations fit better.
* Changed team switching to remove both ragdolls (dead and knockdown).
* Changed the voice icon to be much smaller.
* Changed the Thompson to to reload slower.
* Updated St. Mére Eglise to resolve the crash and sound issues with the doors (the double doors now open independently, rather than together) and make the cabbage farm a secondary objective. When this objective is captured it issues a ticket bonus to the capturing team.
* Updated La Fiere to fix some minor issues, increase the capture time on the objectives slightly, add a 30 second hold time to win the round, lower the tickets for both teams to 200, add a ticket bonus when the allies destroy the tank, 88 gun, or the radio, add some crows that fly away when players approach, move the last allied spawn slightly further away, and some other minor fixes.
* Updated Ardennes to increase the spawn time to 35 seconds, increase the time to capture objectives, add a ticket bonus when a team destroys a tank, and add a 30 second hold time to win the round.
* Updated St. Côme du Mont to fix an exploit where a player could get under the map around Dead Man's Corner.
* Updated movement code to be smoother and use more realistic physics. (Some stuttering issues still need to be worked out)
* Updated some of the older new loading screens.
* Updated the G43 skin.
* Updated the MG42 skin.
* Updated the skin of Zf-41 Marksman Scope on the K98k.
* Updated various prop models and skins.
* Updated the weight maps for the allied models to tweak some minor issues.
* Updated the animations for the Allies' explosive.
* Updated all Browning animations.
* Updated all MG42 animations.
* Updated various BAR animations.
* Updated various Carbine animations.
* Updated the Thompson, BAR, Carbine, and K98k firing sounds.
* Updated the Browning to use it's own sounds rather than the MG42's. (This doesn't apply to the firing sound, it had it's own already)
* Updated BAR to use it's own clip and bolt sounds rather than using the Thompson's.
* Updated the squad scripts to disable Radiomen (until they have a function), change the Engineers to use rifles instead of the Carbine/G43, remove the pistol from some classes that shouldn't have it (now that there is a new emergency of close-quarters), and add the ability for riflemen to drop an extra box of MG ammo (use the dropextraammo command)
* Updated all ballistic weapons so they can now be picked up by enemies. (Cannot be rearmed, as friendly ammo boxes don't have enemy ammo)

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